• Swami Purnananda

Jun 19, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer

Updated: Apr 11


Beyond imagination the universe is vast

To grasp its total frame, observer stands aghast

Whirling spirals, spinning discs appear like tiny dots

On canvas black, radiant suns are countless shiny spots

Nearest neighbour disc is reached in thirty billion years

And by that time who knows, maybe it disappears

Senses only catch the scenes of fragments scattered wide

The greater truth beyond that scope our blind spots will hide

Those who know totality and secret of it all

Will see the space of intervals as skin of overall

Cosmic body of great Lord to opened eye will see

That all the sparkling jewels above are Lord’s accessory

A thousand arms, a thousand eyes, a thousand legs and heads

Looks to us like filaments of luminous heavenly threads

Quantum leaps of joy as vision cleared like dawning days

Divine parts are playing parts in seeming vast arrays


O Lord, in my small exchanges of love with Thee, my ignorance blinds me to your overwhelming totality; yet in your chosen moments of grace, you give me, your helpless child, a glimpse of your grandeur to elevate my soul. Grant me this from time to time when my mind lags behind and gets dragged down.

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