• Swami Purnananda

Jun 2, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer

Updated: Apr 11


What if the world were holy fire

With sun as fuel and rays as smoke

Day is flame and moon the coals

Stars the sparks that fill the holes

Deities’ offering faith gives boon

From whence arises ruling moon

What if rain itself were holy fire

Air as fuel and cloud as smoke

Flash is flame and coals thunder

Rumblings send sparks asunder

Pouring the Soma moon in this

Gives rise to rain that nourishes

What if the earth were holy fire

Year as fuel and space as smoke

Night as flame and quarters coals

Sparks in between direction holds

In fire offered rain oblations pour

To grateful soil for food and more

What if the world were holy fire

And more analogies to unfold

We would discover how the soul

Continues journey to its goal

With inflated ego our offering

Future will good fortune bring


O Lord when I see the universe as Your sacrificial fire and how You offer Your own self, it inspires me to be Your sacrificial fire for the welfare of all. Please wash out my mean selfishness and replace it with pure love.

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