• Swami Purnananda

June 6, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Glistening snow-capped crests,

Floating on a clear blue sky

Standing there from ancient day

What sacred teachings you convey?

Sharp crystal air refreshing face

Messages from Vedic race

Noble heights stay far beyond

The things of which we are fond

To meditate on peaks pure white

Yogis’ minds gain deep insight

Fixed like mountain seated still

Gaining strength, resolve and will

These, not just cold and solid blocks

Or pushed up heaving icy rocks

Great Lord of Yoga seated there

With indrawn eyes and flowing hair

The earth itself he made His seat

Meadows, foothills for His feet

His tresses long are valleys steep

So snow can thaw to rivers deep


O Lord uplift my mind and hold me there in Thy highest realms. Make our thoughts noble and lofty. May my inner tranquillity beam thy glory to every being just like You as the grand and beautiful Himalayan mountains.

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