• Swami Purnananda

Nov 15, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer || Kali

Updated: Apr 10


Streaks of solid, liquid, gas

Beauty strange as they amass

Coloured shadows fascinate

Debris of frenzy steps collate

Wildly sway around her neck

Aftermath destruction’s wreck

Counting beats upon the head

Rhythms of the skulls of dead

Flowing hair trails like the wind

Of time against space bare skinned

Changing scenes of birth and life

Belies the sharpness of death’s knife

With hands on eyes – a peeking game

And Mother’s children do the same

They ask “O mother where art thou?”

“I am here, I am love and I am now”


Ahh, Mother, there you are, and in a moment gone. The darkness is only Thy play of hide and seek. Renew Thy playful game. I have no fear as long as you are nearer than breathing. You nurture me always and keep me close, even when I wander off and forget thee. Come to me quickly when I cry!

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