• Swami Purnananda

Aug 11, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer || Krishna

Updated: Apr 10


Born safely and swiftly carried on

Across river flow away from harm

Can prison, slaughter, cruelty rule

Thwart Maya’s play of Divine will?

What child has skin of darker hue

Like endless sky of infinite blue?

But eighth cosmic saving power

Descending at right playful hour

Bewitching deeds high energy pace

Mischief smile on butter stained face

Who is thief that steals my heart?

Cosmic Balancing power thou art

Lord hero, protector, lover, all

Who can resist flute’s sweet call?

Enchanting cow meadows dance

As playmate of our souls’ entrance

To whole world spread playful joy

To celebrate birth of shepherd boy

On shoulders carry infant dear

Reach pots of yellow butter near

What crown on head will you wear?

Peacock eyed feather in your hair

Let constant presence be not delayed

Let sweet lips meet on bamboo played

But listen to Krishna’s celestial song

Enduring truth of right over wrong


O Lord who protects, comforts and teaches, when I am overwhelmed with grief and pain, infuse me with Thy strength, playfulness and love. Let me freely dance in rapture with thee to the tune of thy sweet beauty.

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