From Coping & Sleeplessness to Awakening

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Many people are fearful of the COVID19 pandemic. Some are confused. Many feel lonely. One symptom of these feelings can be sleeplessness. According to the Mental Health Association of Ireland, 20% of people in Ireland suffer from insomnia. Even before the current anxiety, the causes for this may be many and varied, but it is safe to say that because many people today get so caught up in daily concerns they suffer from this condition. Difficulties that keep the mind negatively occupied with doubt, anxiety and fear may include immediate domestic upsets or national and international concerns such as a fast spreading virus, wars and human sufferings that result; the latter are all nicely delivered through modern media channels.

The proverbial counting of sheep has been used in insomniac conditions to help make a kind of mental monotony that induces a sleepy state. What happens, however if, instead of counting sheep, we count our blessings and displace the information flow, and its attendant reactive emotional effects on body and mind with thankfulness? Surely all our mental agitation will melt away. Contentment arises from an assessment of our current status quo that is here because of a series of fortunate events beyond our control. The heart beats, unasked, the lungs inflate and deflate unasked, organic cells get repaired and replaced without our even noticing. Trillions of cells work day and night to make the necessary adjustments for balance and health and we are completely oblivious to them.

The restless mind can be calmed by acknowledging this hidden Divine Grace that flows everywhere. When we systematically notice It arriving in Space and Time expressing Itself as Function, sleep becomes our welcome friend and a different kind of awakening occurs. Our minds become energised, clear and receptive to an inner realisation of the Source of this Divine Grace. Daily contentment that fulfils our desire for peace gets an elevated boost and we find a joyous rapture that fulfils our desire for happiness.

Love &Blessings on this Saint Patrick's Day

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