• Swami Purnananda

Mar 13, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Golden fish wriggling squirm

On banks of earthy ground

Yearning struggles for return

For watery nature’s surround

Creeper plant in forest shade

Struggling bravely in its fight

Crawls and winds to a glade

Its very life to reach sunlight

Why we struggle to survive

To live exist eternally

Plan and cling to stay alive

We’re eternal essentially

Always trying to know more

Unsatisfied in restlessness

Increasing memory’s store

We’re pure consciousness

Avoiding painful circumstance

Preferring joy’s sweetness

Wishing pleasure to advance

Our very nature is pure bliss


O thou existence, consciousness bliss, my own very Self. Through thy graceful indicators so present in front of me and in me, reveal theta glory that never fades, the knowledge that is full and thy bliss unending.

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