• Swami Purnananda

Mar 15, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


In simple house thatched

By ponds where lilies rest

Where paddy fields lie

Witness pilgrims passing by

Divine mind’s nativity

Seeing need for harmony

Luminous engulfing wave

For our foolishness to save

Sight of cranes in sky contrast

Divine mood came on him fast

Amidst night of Shiva’s dance

He went into ecstatic trance

In sanctum Mother finding him

And there he finding Her

Embracing child to live in him

And in her presence ever swim

In holy place with modest band

He crafted youthful minds

Arise be pure and free he spoke

In decades, their shackles broke

Universal truth founding built

Embodiment of every way

Light of love of modern sage

As timely hope for modern age


O saving light and infinite love let my mind dwell on thy smiling face. Seeing eyes yet deep indrawn draws me to thy light and flame. Entrancing one pushing from within and drawing me ever close to thee. May I be ever open to thy constant happy invitation.

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