• Swami Purnananda

Mar 25, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


In pandemic world of minds perturbed

Equilibrium need not be disturbed

Isolation out of cautious fear

Will not estrange ourselves so near

When framing things in future tense

Anxiety comes as consequence

In the present – joy surges forth

Like sun’s rise on its infinite course

Whole world can still be made our own

Every person made to feel at home

A generous spirit can still flow

For strangers and for those we know

Confined to a house, a room or cave

In prayerful mode our light can save

What better message full, benign

Than floral blessings for mankind?


O Divine Mother, you beam in every corner and beyond. Open my heart as wide as the world that I may embrace all beings as my very own as you do. From thy assurance of being loved, may my love also reach every corner, space and beyond.

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