• Swami Purnananda

Mar 8, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Where women are respected

There the very gods delight

And where they are enslaved

Work’s efforts come to naught

Trampling women, grinding poor

These great evils still remain

With children victims in man’s war

Their dignity we must regain

Rising progress of nation follow

By treatment of its feminine

Advance in science and art hollow

If it reveres not this Divine

In conscience who can rest content

When bias seen in gender crude

Dragged down in cruelty’s descent

As Atman unseen in habitude

Celebrate divinity’s womanhood

Strong and tender unlike another

Potent energy flows throughout

Fortress protector, sister and mother

(partly from Manu & Sw. Vivekananda)


O Mother, may I see, feel and celebrate thy manifested glory in every being. Let no one subordinate another in evil callousness in thought, word or deed. May we restore the ancient ideals of equality on the basis of inherent freedom, dignity and love.

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