• Swami Purnananda

May 10, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer

Thought Without love we are empty shells That fail to take the time hear When listening to a tale of woe For fear of missing cricket scores Without love we are empty shells When our eyes turn from refugees And beatings cruel so far away Because at home we’re just okay Without love we are empty shells When deep sorrows raise alarms When we don’t offer bread or tea To those who might go hungry Without love we are but empty shells When we criticize with hurtful words Insensitive to the wounds that inflict Because we’re better and so are strict Without love we are empty shells When we fail to shed a loving tear When our hearts are stony cold While others are in slavery sold If God is love and God is all Can we stand aloof and be so tall? Can we not hang on His every word? Listening with love to what is heard Should not our hearts be fully bled? When we see that He has not been fed When He stands suffering in body mind Can we not offer solace and be kind? Prayer O Lord open up my closed heart so that there is not one grain of selfishness. Reduce my ego to ashes and make my heart an open channel for Your Love and Grace.

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