• Swami Purnananda

May 17, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


The universe like woven cloth

Is three simple strands entwined

One stretches out and one resists

And one pulls in to make it bind

Without these there would be

An immense catastrophe

They make us stay and bind us fast

So that illusive spell can last

Every child who counts to three

May learn about a trinity

And add to threefold above

God’s Life, Light and nearby Love

Drifting in three worlds we glide

When in one, the others hide

Dream, deep sleep and waking time

Will make the total come to nine

Now if we stay alert and watch

When dark or selfish waves appear

And count which one of three is read

We can insert pure waves instead


O Lord you ever hold my hand and guide me through the complex world; but I see now that You have made it simple. Let me continue to play this loving sport with Thee for as long as You want. Grant me the grace to see the blessedness of three.

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