• Swami Purnananda

May 23, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Did you know how great is He?

Who spins suns in the galaxy

His wealth is such a vast amount

For I take charge of God’s account

His real estate beyond all measure

Celestial realms a hidden treasure

In ledgers I’ve listed His qualities

Compared to Him no one exceeds

But I’ve not met this king of kings

Only counted His assets and things

Not sat with Him exchanging looks

For what I know is just from books

Wiser ones entering sacred door

His royal presence to explore

Know the light of all things lit

So will not arrange a divine audit


O Lord! let me not keep a distance from you by counting up Thy glories, but only open Thy door when I knock and keep me with You – You just gazing on me lovingly and me gazing on Thy face of love.

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