• Swami Purnananda

May 24, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Battered boats, roof tops fly

Circling vortex winds pass by

Not that sins have made it so

Good and bad, high and low

It is only Nature’s way

Staring out as droplets fly

Pangs give rise to teary eye

There will be no friends today

Virus lockdown so they say

It is only Nature’s way

In lonely moments young or old

Laments can come if past is told

Melancholy tales of “poorly me”

Unless balanced with some sanity

It is only Nature’s way

Those who offer roof and food

Without a thought for gratitude

Attentive listening on the phone

To those abandoned and alone

It is only Nature’s way

In their sharing and compassion

Find their humble sharing ration

Is privilege rare for them reserved

Beloved One can now be served

For it too is Nature’s way


O Lord in moments of self-pity, show me how you are suffering; my heart is full of sorrow on the one hand and joy at your presence on the other. I fully offer without reservation these limbs for your service with no pause to idly think of my own suffering.

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