• Swami Purnananda

May 3, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer

Thought If we persist in asking “Why?” We must, recall the scenes gone by. Much more from past the mind will dwell. Fresh causes seek - deep histories tell! Instead, we gain from moment phase For greatest good to now rephrase “Why not?”, “What next?”, and use our skill In contexts where, most we need to fill. When, at last, true vision we align When Lord seen as moments of time And we remain attuned to Grace Not just in time but every space When this is so, our thanks would be For previously suffered agony As pains That made us to Him turn Were means for us to live and learn Prayer O Lord of Time, I place myself far from Thee when I dwell on the past; in these moments I fail to see You here and now. Thank you for all the painful moments; grant me more compassion and the grace to see the milestones as evidence of Your Divine hand.

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