• Swami Purnananda

May 4, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer

Thought So says bard:“ All the world’s a stage”. Where talented characters read from page, Where lines are learnt, and scenes rehearsed And actors in their roles immersed They offer up their heart and stay Convinced about the part they play Now curtains drawn and taken bows Theatre echoes from empty rows Now released from make believe Actors go home and find reprieve From lines and painted faces go To freely watch another show Another drama on wide screens Makes them laugh and cry at scenes With actors’ skills and cardboard trees Forgetting that they’re there to please Soon, stage is blank, and worlds are none No parts are filled, and dramas gone And witness to these transient worlds Stays still, surveys and gives reviews Those knowing ones will surely tell That only One played parts so well The Lord with purpose, not by chance Produced and directed Cosmic Dance Prayer O Lord, Cosmic Actor. Let me always dance and sing in your creative drama. May I learn to always play my role well. Please save me from thinking that I am doing anything or profiting from actions. Grant that we may see You in the glory of Your Cosmic Play.


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