• Swami Purnananda

Nov 17, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Those peering into microscopes

Find teeming worlds in envelopes

Darting patterns in plasma cell

Replicate, respirate absorb, expel

Those peering in observatories

Search deep fields for discoveries

Vast smeared gassy giant streaks

Black holes, quasar pulsing peaks

Those peering into layers deep

Without compass scope or map

With sharpest laser mind to see

Reveal complete whole mystery

Armed with shifted values kept

Allows each layer to peel back

Revealed discoveries explored

Displace the old as Self restored


O Lord Thy glimpses are joyous; grant me the purity of mind so that I discover my permanent home is in Thee, through Thee as Thee and beyond. My little world is not a confinement it is Thee and Thee alone.

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