• Swami Purnananda

Nov 19, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Wind, waves together land

Exhale fade in rhythmic sound

Sweeping grains of blown sand

Some settle - others skip around

Grains exfoliate race and chase

Exhilarate in breath’s suspense

Accepting wind’s caress on face

Embraced in moments felt intense

Trickle through five fingers fold

Searching grains in hollow hand

What stories do these granules hold?

Life’s answer found in a grain of sand

When I trace one grain’s story

I find God’s graces and His glory


O Lord thou art fully present in one small grain. Let me be not careless in missing Thy glory because my attention is inverted anxiously. For I am Thy grain of sand. Send me where Thy will. My joy is to be swept up by Thee. Thy fullness can be traced back to Thee who manifests everything. Praise and thanks to Thee.

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