• Swami Purnananda

Nov 23, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Great turbines turn water round

Deep inside hardened ground

Generate, rotate coiled powers

Stream electrons for darker hours

Nature’s forces, each could claim

Supreme control of powerful game?

Harnessed wind storms and rain

Compete to win more power gain?

Powers like preying lions in wait

For chance to roar, explode, create

Derived from single mighty source

Controlling as their only force

Water, sun, wind body and tree

Are adaptors for one energy

Think not that “my energy’s spent

Inexhaustible cosmic energy sent

No energy of yours can you declare

When understood you’ll never tire

For behind adaptors current sits

Switched on to right adaptor fits


O Lord when I declare and own my own deeds with pride as a profiteer or agent, I cannot sustain my inflated ego and it painfully bursts. Grant that I may learn that it is Thee and only Thee. Thou art the great, constant and only energy -lovingly available for my borrowing and inexhaustible. All praise and glory to Thee.

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