• Swami Purnananda

Nov 25, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Basic instincts of smell

Can lead to a trap of hell

Indulged taste - slim to obese

For a wasteful waist increase

Eyes used with a tinted sight

Selecting pleasures to highlight

Ears that hear listener praised

Blocking out corrections raised

Skin that’s forbidden to breathe

Painted covering - fashion’s sheathe

Gold ornaments hung there to hide

Feelings and enhance false pride

Bundled desires in one offering

Prayerfully laid at feet of king

Redirects from gates to outside

And opens routes to king inside


O Lord I offer all the avenues of my senses. They were always Thine and I claimed them for my own. I lay all my desires at Thy feet. Grant that I may be aware of Thy gracious flow through all Thy openings and that my desire for Thee may saturate my mind with Thee alone; O fulfiller of every thought, prayer and intention that arises.

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