• Swami Purnananda

Nov 4, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Hanker not for light but fire

Or gentle showers but thunder

Invite storm and raging wind

Do not a quaking earth rescind

Invite all shaping forces come

Flailing arms and breathy gasps

No begging for to save our skin

Strike resolve and start to swim

At your disposal all needs laid

Grand resources near to hand

Grace filled gifts here unwrap

Fall not into depression’s trap

Awaken energy, rise up straight

Stride and spring with joyous gait

Overcome - when overwhelmed

Power behind you knows no end


O Lord grant that I may serve Thee with every ounce of Thy energy and delight in Thy game. I do not ask that it be easy for how can we enjoy Thy sport when it is dull? As long as you permit, I will play this adventurous and loving game with Thee.

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