• Swami Purnananda

Nov 6, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Infinite body’s breath expands

Evolving cosmos He commands

Brightest glory shines between

Pitch black of the voids unseen

Surely we should fully capture

Glorious rise of inner rapture?

Let head and heart not be dry

Our beautiful nature not deny.

Creator - what may be the need?

On bowed head pressed to plead

Gravity reigns in range it caught

Squeezing lamps of gas to naught

Reverse events to some will tell

No when, no space, heaven or hell

No ought or naught held beyond

Chance bubble from void respond

But signatures and clues abound

Existence is, not naught is found

Delicately balanced life sustained

Small adjustments, it’s all changed


O Lord, problems and sadness arise when I miss Thy whole picture of infinite existence. Nearer than breath and filling to the tips of fingers art Thou. Fill me with Thy divine rapture. I worship Thee in the beat of the heart.

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