• Swami Purnananda

Nov 7, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Energy of sprightly youth

Some refined some uncouth

In crisp fresh air we feel alive

But that’s a feeling we contrive

Though energy is to us on loan

We feel we have it as our own

Plant opens its hands of leaves

From sunlight only life it weaves

Light, carbon, oxygen too

Inside roots tunnel through

Water drawn from fertile soil

Make potatoes that we boil

Huff and puff on oxygen thrown

Munch and crunch spuds grown

Spending this energy as we wish

Pause and thank the plant for this

Running around on sunshine canned

Is due to grand arrangement planned

From here on, take not for granted

Sun’s energy and what was planted


O Lord, thy energy is perfectly arranged that I may glorify and thank Thee. “My energy” is really derived from Thee who lights the sun and stands to weave the earth around Thy Self. Where I stand too, thou art there weaving a body around Thyself. May I never claim it as my own but thankfully offer it back to Thee.

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