• Swami Purnananda

Nov 8, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Weep not for me - I have wings

Above the wispy clouds to soar

Vista of gold and blue it brings

Over coloured patterns evermore

Weep not for me when I am gone

Never think this world I miss

The psalms are sung with antiphon

For I leave not but arrive in bliss

Weep not for me but orphan child

Barefoot stands in rags dirt stained

Despairing tears where sorrows piled

And cast down eyes that feel ashamed

Weep not for self with voice that sings

Why crawl along the dung filled trail?

When you can soar with angel’s wings?

They were folded behind the ego’s tale.


O Lord, sorrow besets my heart, but when I closely encounter Thy love you thrill my heart and it lifts with joy; the pitiful tears transmute to tears of sublimity. May the sorrowful be comforted. May we who feel orphaned and imprisoned discover Thy love and use Thy freeing wings.

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