• Swami Purnananda

Oct 7, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Faith in heredity is fear

Gut pangs when it’s near

Creeping fire grips in knot

Faith in self remembers not

Nature knows her job alright

Her laws will not induce fright

With her grace clear the way

Asking not but thanking pray

Determined ants feel out a way

Not detained or kept at bay

Assessing blocks to sweet access

They mark new trail nonetheless

Faith in self and nature’s grace

Used when hurdles are to face

Tools held in hands like these

Overcome obstacles with ease

Optimism fills like golden dawn

New hope for rebirth this morn

Painting colours splash the skies

That sweep away our fearful cries


O Lord may I allow Thee to nurture me when I am fearful. Replace my fear with faith in Thy unfolding and enfolding destiny. Let me worship Thee in optimistic faith that Thy light removes the darkness. Absorb me in that singularity where no second exists to fight or fear.

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