• Swami Purnananda

October 8, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Many twists and turns you took

To drink clean water from a brook

Thirst drives beasts toward a goal

To lap at shimmering water hole

Hunters and gatherers walk a day

Stealthily stalking their swift prey

Inventive tools carved with care

Provides the food for daily fare

In modern times no need for this

Food now wrapped in plastic dish

Shipped from far to meet demands

Wrappers widely strewn in strands

Wrapped up in this, the senses feed

The more engaged increase the greed

With hunger and thirst unsatisfied

These urges may be turned inside

Heartfelt yearning prayer outpoured

Fulfils all needs from depths inward

Yields living water and nourishment

For body, mind and soul enrichment


O Lord I know that longing for Thee yields Thy vision quickly; increase my hunger and thirst that I may drink Thy living waters and that I may be fed. Grant that I may turn my attention to Thee so that earthly joys may fade away.

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