• Swami Purnananda

Sep 12, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer || River

Updated: Apr 10


Trickling sparkle mountain stream

From heights knows where it’s been

Tales pour forth in bubbling gush

Roars from mouth of river’s rush

Strong, swift steady currents flow

Convey expanse of green and blue

Fish celebrate swim, flash and dash

Mothers wash and children splash

From glistening stream’s cool drops

Or where it quenches thirsty crops

Winding in valley down below

Or where you plunged in holy flow

No need to swallow, test explore

Whole river there that goes before

In every molecular watery drip

Infinite totality is- in every sip


O Lord Infinite Invisible, since there is no end to your glory and unfathomable thy depths, there is no need to try to define Thee, only catch Thy full presence here and now. Let me sing a song of gratitude that Thou art here, now and love.

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