• Swami Purnananda

Savoury Muffin || June 27, 2020


Ancient as space time am I

Gas squeezed to radiation high

Sudden star burst dust as me

Rotating home from this debris

Fields of wheat and harvest too

From water, seed and soil issue

From earth I am reaped and ground

By millstone friction going round

I next was mixed and made to sit

Kneaded and shaped to oven fit

Baked until my top was brown

And here I am with tea sat down

For I am a muffin savoury

And now you know my history

When you consume me I’ll be you

Once you’ve taken me to chew

From one offering we can trace

Events unfolding in their place

Chaotic change to rhythmic flow

From That we start to That we go


O Lord , you are present as food and the eater; grant that I may see this relationship everywhere and may my thankfulness increase in loving bursts of energetic joy.

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