• Swami Purnananda

Sep 1, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


From simple zygote cell

Organism’s functions grow

Mystery in rare package tell

Of secrets that away did stow

Network cells with lively pulse

Unbeknown to creatures aware

Cellular impulse - attract repulse

Strategic survival desire and fear

Long stories of the past emerge

Unfolding buds new life installs

Driven by the gut’s crying urge

Pulled by God’s beckoning calls

Now freedom’s air full enjoyed

Struggling gasps left far behind

Directed energy well deployed

Brilliant best star of humankind

The funeral’s solemn toll of bells

Respect something more revealed

Genius was not in corporeal cells

But from the universe’s deep field


What a wonder and miracle that a single cell can contain within it all the possibilities of life. If I have not noticed it Lord, forgive my crime. My eyes are open and you are seen and felt in every cell – everywhere in every life.

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