• Swami Purnananda

Sep 11, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


On eleventh day remember

In special month September

Events that inspire and shock

Via past relentless ticking clock

Towers built of glass and steel

Can crumble in a scene surreal

In cultural hall a bell can toll

Not to mourn but peaceful call

Both memories leave legacy

Mixed aspects of humanity

Destruction’s scorched depravity

Parliament convened for harmony

The hope is crystal clear as bell

Holiness purity, charity as well

Are not owned by sect or church

Bur those who in earnest search

On banner bold message deploy

Help, assimilate not fight, destroy;

Harmony and peace to rule the day

And no dissension, come what may!


O Lord protect me from my pride of culture, race, creed and status. May I merely be Thy simple child. Enrich my soul with a love for Thee that increases and excludes none. Make me a pliable vessel filled with understanding, compassion and love.

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