• Swami Purnananda

Sep 22, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


What is peace? Who can say?

Felt in desireless dark of sleep

Or sank in chair from busy day

Mind hankers for such state to keep

Ideal of world peace campaigned

With ravaged world in tatters hang

While leaders should be arraigned

Talks of talks as new wars sprang

Peace of mind is not for those

Who look for faults and criticise

Correct own faults that arose

Before you condemn and ostracise

Look closely now and you will find

With love and generous will to share

Like air filling vessels of every kind

Divine peace pervading everywhere

Unless we make the world our own

Unless we find our peace at home

Enduring peace will thus elude

Unless we change our attitude


O Lord of Peace in Thy presence we have a peace that passes all understanding. Desires easily rob us of it. Lord I only desire Thee. May that peace descend and flow though all and transform our hearts to pure and non-demanding love.

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