• Swami Purnananda

Sep 10, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer || Truth

Updated: Apr 10


Many saints have passed this way

Fasted, prayed and served the poor

What practice for this world today

Where fortune knocks on every door?

In fast train age one thing it lacks

A training for the old and youth

Reroute commute on different tracks

Clear complex networks for the truth

Let others not the mind confuse

With what is real or just fake news

With trivial pursuit let’s not amuse

Clear cloudy web and stress defuse

Adherence to truth in modern age

Will fix the mind to realm of God

So says our modern Bengal sage

For pure truth is the path he trod


O Lord grant me the courage to change familiar pain bearing routes and with renewed energy embark on simpler ones. May truth be my austerity in thought, word and deed. Let us discover the truth of who we are, the truth about the masks we adopt, the truth about this world and the truth of that beyond. Thou art Truth Itself! Thou art the origin, journey and destination!

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