• Swami Purnananda

Jul 29, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer || Water

Updated: Apr 10


Without clean water for to drink

Without a reservoir or sink

Without this water in our blood

Without an occasional flood

Without a natural thirst when dry

Without a bottle of it nearby

Without the fluid shaping cells

Without the desert water wells

What are we but lifeless dust

If there’s no water of life to trust?

What are we if we cannot share?

Relieve the thirst of any there

Be it an animal, plant, or man

We should offer water if we can


O Lord Thou art living waters and their essence and taste. Thank you for providing the drama of water to clouds to rain to bodily cells. Remove my selfishness that I may share your life-giving gifts. Increase my watery tears and compassion that I may feel what another feels and serve Thee with adoration.

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