• Swami Purnananda

Jun 15, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer || Word ||

Updated: Apr 11


The Word descended once again

Responding to mankind’s pain

Before It said “This one but sleeps”

Fleshly form arose and life it keeps

It spoke “Let ancient land rise”

World remember wisdom of wise

In fifty years that land awoke,

Slavery’s chain snapped and broke

Word is stirred, descends for one

Who calls on It when ritual’s done

In loving prayerful company kept

Even when most sleepers slept

Holy words are best company

When mind requires good remedy

When twin robbers attack their prey

Protecting thoughts stand in the way


O Lord, you are on call 24 hours of the day and night; from age to age you come; but when I call your name, you are immediately present. Lord, let my diligence increase and may thy sacred name be ever on my lips.

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