Éire Vedanta Society

All our activities are centred around the wellbeing of the local community and the Irish society at large. We are an integral part of the Irish society and are committed to contributing to the overall improvement of the Irish community. To this effect, a lot of our social activities are targeted at improving the Irish society. A few of them are listed below.

Éire Vedanta Society is very well received by the local community. People from different religious backgrounds, faiths, ethnicities etc. often frequent us and take part in our regular events. They are able to connect with our cause as they strongly feel that they belong here.

                                Coffee Mornings:

We regularly promote community well-being by interacting with the  members of the local community. Our "Coffee Mornings" provide a great platform for the local diverse community to come together, unite and work for the benefit of one and all. 

These coffee mornings are a great way for the locals, especially the women in the locality to voice their creative ideas and opinions on how we can contribute further to the betterment of the society.


What better way to start the day's activities than with coffee and cakes? 

Swami to Santa - Spirit of Christmas:

Christmas is an occasion that represents joy and there is no better joy than giving away for charity or helping those in need. In line with the tradition of Father Christmas, our Swami transformed into Santa during the Christmas period of 2021. 


EVS donated essential household items and essential commodities to several needy households in the local neighbourhood in the Mulhuddart area, where we are based. EVS, thereby literally lit up the Christmas spirit for many houses that were in real need for community support. Both Swamijis from EVS, supported by a small bunch of volunteers, made surprise visits to these households and gifted away essentials.

This extremely timely gesture was exceptionally well received by the local community. EVS plans to continue this tradition of giving for many more years to come. We also hosted Christmas carols and a Christmas dinner evening during this festive season, which was well represented by the local community.


Éire Vedanta Society is an active member of the Dublin City Interfaith Forum (DCIF). We actively contribute to the visions and values of the DCIF by promoting interfaith activities. We work with members of DCIF and members of all faiths to build community harmony and strong interfaith relationship. 


We strongly believe in and follow the teaching of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, "As many faiths, so many paths. The paths vary, but the goal remains the same". What better way to practise the principles of an interfaith forum than practically following and implementing this teaching of The Master?


Éire Vedanta Society actively promotes the teachings of our very own Sister Nivedita 

(Margaret Elizabeth Noble) who was born in Dungannon, Country Tyrone, Northern Ireland.


Sister Nivedita was an Irish born social worker, author, teacher and an ardent disciple of Swami Vivekananda who laid the foundation for the development and education of women in India, during her time. 


EVS promotes awareness of Sister Nivedita by organising day trips to Dungannon and spreading awareness about her and her teachings. The EVS premise in Dublin is named after Sister Nivedita (as "Nivedita House"). 

On 5th February 2022, we conducted a Saint Bridgit's cross making workshop which was extremely well received by the Irish community and was a resounding success. An enthusiastic group of patrons, both young and old, attended the workshop and learnt the art of making the Saint Bridgit's cross whilst enjoying a cup of tea and snacks.