Éire Vedanta Society

Are you a spiritual seeker or an aspirant looking for proper guidance and direction? 

​Are you interested in Meditation and learning Yoga or want to be trained as a Yoga instructor.... Read ahead as you are on the right page.

Are you looking to unmask your perceived self and identify your real Self? We have the right courses and the best teachers to help you in identifying your real persona and understanding the personality of others, which help you develop into a better being! 

Are you looking to serve the local community and to contribute to the society and humanity in general? Search no further, you are in the right place. Just be a part of EVS and our activities!

                                Spiritual Causes

The Ireland branch of the world-wide organisation Ramakrishna Math is called Éire Vedanta Society.


EVS houses a beautiful Inter-Faith Shrine dedicated to Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda, Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus Christ and Sister Nivedita.

People without any distinction of race, religion or creed participate in the peaceful and spiritually vibrant atmosphere of this shrine for prayer and meditation.

  • The birthdays of great saints and prophets are celebrated with worship, prayers and discourses.

  • Seminars and inter-religious dialogues are held to enhance inter-religious understanding to promote Religious Harmony.

  • Lectures & Retreats are organised regularly to inspire spiritual aspirants. These lectures are addressed by both the resident Swamis as well as Visiting Swamis from other parts of the world.

  • Weekly scriptural classes are held on most days of every week, details of which are published in our WhatsApp group.

  • Daily Morning and Evening Meditation Practices and Vesper Services in the evening are performed.

  • The Society encourages Children's cultural talents regularly. Visiting artists are provided ample opportunities to showcase their vocal or instrumental skills during the various cultural programmes organised by EVS.

  • The weekly EVS schedule includes Guided meditation sessions, Discourses on spirituality, Q&A sessions for spiritual seekers, discussions on Vedic scripts, Talks on the life and teachings of The Master and The Holy Mother to name a few.


  • Our weekly schedule is available in our WhatsApp group and on email upon request.


  • If you need to be included in our mailing list or if you want to join our WhatsApp group, kindly fill out your details in the form in the "Contact Us" page of this website. We will reach out to you and do the needful.

Courses & Retreats

EVS offers some of the best courses that form the foundation of any person's well being and spiritual development.


Some of our very popular courses / sessions conducted by Swami Purnananda are:

  • Enneagram and the Essence of Truth 

  • Art of Meditation & Game of Guiding Thought

  • Dream Interpretation workshop

  • Spiritual Retreats - both residential and non-residential

  • Guided Meditation 


Enneagram is a typology system that describes human personality as a combination of interconnected personality types. 

Enneagram postulates 9 personality types and provides a systematic map of them. By understanding our personality type, we can grow. By understanding other types, we have the means to understand and empathise with them.


With nearly 5 decades of experience in delivering this course, Swami Purnananda interweaves both these aspects and provides the basis for genuine change and development by helping us unmask. Several individuals and groups have been deeply influenced and their lives have been transformed by this course.

The Art of Meditation and Game of Guiding Thought

EVS offers a 2 day wholistic workshop on Meditation which has helped transform many people and their approach to life. 

This course gives us a richer inner life experience and steadiness of mind. It also helps us to control our inherent nature, both internal and external. This means that we get a greater handle on stress, deal with people better and invite more inventiveness, peace and abundance into our lives.

"Enneagram and Essence of Truth" and "The Art of Meditation and Game of Guiding Thought" are very well received by most participants. Many have termed these courses as life changing, invaluable and transformational for them.

Please see the "Testimonialstab for feedback on these courses.