Éire Vedanta Society

All our courses, workshops and programmes are very well received by our devotees, patrons and the local community alike. We also enjoy significant global participation in these events and spiritual workshops. Our participants have stated our courses to be "Exceptional", "Transformational" and "Life Changing" for them. Here is what some of them had to say about a few of these courses. 

Basil Conroy from Dublin shares his thoughts about the 2 decades of association with the Society

Padraig O Hara from the UK shares his experience about the 2 day "Silent Retreat"

Mary Reynolds from Dublin shares her experience after the 2 day "Silent Retreat"

....I attended the "Enneagram and Essence of Truth" course in 2021. The content and delivery was "exceptional". This programme, which is Swami Purnananda’s unique presentation, seamlessly connects our essential spiritual dimension to the psychological Enneagram. The course was both uplifting and practical in equal measure.

Swami Purnananda is an outstanding educator who makes concepts and content easily understandable. He is very much in tune with the attendee's abilities and their stage of understanding.

Being part of this course was a wonderful experience and great fun. Tom O’Mahony, Dublin, Ireland.

I have attended all of the courses offered by Éire Vedanta Society. The first course I attended was "Enneagram and the Essence of Truth". I thought about it for about 6 years before registering. It has been absolutely life changing for me.

It has become invaluable to my life now.

The dream interpretation course was revelationary and I continue to partake in the ongoing follow up review sessions. I received immense insight from the retreat weekends and appreciated the practical guidance for daily life which led me to follow through with the Meditation course which, in turn, provided me with clear, simple and practical steps to take to maximise my meditative experience. Jean McGuinness, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

I attended my first meditation workshop in 2019 with Swami Purnananda at EVS Dublin. At that time, I did not know much about meditation. When I attended the meditation workshop the first time, I learned a lot: about the purpose, types of meditation and techniques for meditation etc.

Swami Purnananda is a great teacher, with lots of patience, wisdom, experience and good humour. I decided to give it a try and practice meditation twice a day, usually mornings, before the start of the day and in the evening, before going to bed. I am happy to say that meditation practice is now part of my daily routine. 

It is a great practice for getting to know ourselves better, put things into perspective and allow the mind to be calm and focused.

This, in turn, reduces worry, anger and anxiety. I attended the meditation workshop for the second time in 2022 and I found it wonderful. I could see the transformation in my practice. I could also clearly experience the benefits and the impact this workshop has had on my life. The meditation workshop with Swami Purnananda is wonderful and life changing !

Georgiana Ifrim, Dublin

My name is John, I first came to Eire Vedanta Society a little over two years ago. At that time, I was developing an interest in philosophy and meditation. At the time, I had no idea that this was going to lead me on an incredible spiritual journey. This experience has brought about the most amazing and profound changes in my life

I met the Revered Swami Punananda (who is now my spiritual teacher) who was more than willing to answer some of my questions. The more questions he answered, the more that arose in my mind but the ever patient and most loving Swami Punananda is still, to this day, addressing the philosophical enquiries of his congregation. This journey has led me to participate in some of the most invaluable courses which are led by Swamiji at the Ashram in Mulhuddart, Dublin. We recently completed a two-day meditation course, which has opened a whole new spectrum of life, allowing me to concentrate on the real Self within and freedom from the bondage of mind.  Life has changed so much for me as I detach more and more daily from desire for worldly possessions and attach more and more to that Self, which is in all beings. 

Other courses which I have completed at the Ashram include Enneagram and the Essence of Truth and Dream Interpretation. I feel it was through the Grace of God that I was led to the Ashram and into the loving care of Swami Punananda. If you are a spiritual seeker, I hope that someday you would take a similar journey tooJohn Cunningham, Shankill, Dublin