Swami Vimokshananda

Swami Vimokshananda is a senior monk of the Ramakrishna Order. Presently, he is the Minister-in-Charge of the Ramakrishna Centre in Dublin, Ireland (Éire Vedanta Society nee).

He was initiated into spiritual life by Swami Nirvananandaji Maharaj (a direct disciple of Swami Brahmanandaji Maharaj) at the Mumbai Ashram of the Ramakrishna Mission in 1970.

Apart from his monastic training, after his joining Kanpur branch of Ramakrishna Mission in 1971, he worked extensively in the cyclone affected areas of Andhra Pradesh from 1977 to 1979. He took his monastic vows in 1981 from Swami Vireshwaranandaji Maharaj (a disciple of Sri Sarada Devi, the spiritual consort of Bhagawan Sri Ramakrishna).

From 1979 to 1986 he assisted in building up the new Ramakrishna Mission Hospital at Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. 

From then onwards, he was in various Administrative capacities at the Ramakrishna Mission's different branches like Along High School in Arunachal Pradesh, Kolkata Seva Pratishthan and Ranchi TB Sanatorium. 

From 2007 to 2014 he was the President of the Ramakrishna Centre of South Africa in Durban. From 2015 to 26 June 2018 he was President of Singapore Ramakrishna Mission. 

Swami Vimokshananda regularly conducts scriptural classes on Gita, Upanishads and Puranas and delivers religious discourses on any topic of interest concerned with spiritual ideas of Ramakrishna–Sarada–Vivekananda. He is deeply interested in promoting Vedanta as a suitable tool for the modern ways of Life. He also facilitates a deeper understanding among various sects of Hinduism by interacting with intra religious group leaders. Likewise in multiracial, multi-religious societies, he advocates Harmony of Faiths propounded by Sri Ramakrishna as the main plank for maintaining global peace. He maintains a personal blog for public consumption since 2008.

Swami Purnananda

Swami Purnananda is the Spiritual Director and Founder of the Ramakrishna Centre in Dublin Ireland  (Éire Vedanta Society nee). 

He was initiated into spiritual life by Swami Vireswaranandaji Maharaj (a direct disciple of Holy Mother) and for many years, he underwent spiritual discipline and studies under the direction and tutelage of Swami Nihsreyasanandaji Maharaj, (a direct disciple of Swami Shivanandaji Maharaj) whom he served as his Personal Attendant and Secretary and from whom he took his monastic vows  in 1981.

In 1992, Swami Purnananda was elected President of the United Cultural Institute in Zimbabwe, where among other things he established an educational bursary fund for deprived girl students, a feeding programme for the poor and he also continued the work of spreading the message of Vedanta in Southern Africa.
In 2006, he was invited to Ireland where he has been preaching the converging truth of Vedanta since as Spiritual Director of the Vedanta Society which he founded.
Well versed in Vedanta, Yoga, Comparative Theology, Psychology and Science, the Swami conducts workshops on Personality Development, Spirituality, Meditation, Yoga, etc. as well as guiding and counselling others.
Swami Purnananda has contributed significantly to the Interfaith movement in Ireland. He dedicates his life to assisting and guiding others physically, psychologically and spiritually. He has expertise in psychology and counselling, and he has assisted individuals and groups in many aspects of their lives including enhanced health through applied naturopathic principles. Additionally, the Swami has contributed towards important international scientific research in the use of micro-organisms in mineral processing.

An engaging speaker and writer of many articles, the Swami also pens poetry and paints.